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PPC – Paid Search

A successful PPC management campaign requires continual refinement to account for efforts by your competition to outbid your ads as well as changes in the search engine industry. We monitor your campaigns and stay abreast of the latest trends to keep your campaigns at optimum performance.

  • We use keyword analysis to anticipate every variation a searcher might use to locate your website;
  • We assist you in editing your keywords and copy to achieve the highest ROI in your online marketing campaign;
  • We utilize comprehensive tracking to optimize your bidding and yield the maximum conversions for the minimum cost;
  • We analyze your competition to accumulate the highest yielding keywords;
  • We engage in constant data analysis to build a stronger PPC campaign over time;
  • We monitor closely for click fraud; and
  • We guide you in ongoing budget analysis to help you create a campaign with maximum results.


Web users browse with different search engines, run different browsers, and visit different websites. To reach a wider pool of likely, prospective customers, we offer comprehensive Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management services, and runs your ads across the three major platforms, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.

Google AdWords

Google’s popular online advertising program populates ad spaces with paid text or image ads appearing above and to the side of organic Google search results. By working through AdWords, we will provide your business with local exposure by using geotargeting and an aggressive ad placement campaign.

Yahoo Bing Network

With nearly 1/3 of the internet searches conducted through YBN and with less competition, we advertise on this network specifically for clients with smaller PPC budgets.

Keyword Research

We will run an in-depth analysis of your company and the industry you serve to identify high-volume keywords. Our keyword research services include:

  • Analysis of Your Existing Campaign
  • Analysis of Your Competitors’ Campaigns
  • Research on Keyword Performance in Dominant Search Algorithms
  • Bidding on Keywords for PPC Ads
  • Creative Keyword Integration in Ad Copy

From there, we will utilize these keywords to place ads on major search engines, generate more prospective buyers to your site and expand your online presence. This will serve as a means to recruit new and previous clients, increasing your conversion rates and sales.

By examining real-visitor search queries and behaviors, as well as keyword performance, we will determine which keywords will allow your company to outperform your competitors, both online and off.