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Rob at RH Medical Marketing has done a great job for us! Highly recommend him!

Maggie Haley - McQuaid Vein Care

I have worked with RH Medical Marketing for over 3 years as the practice manager for one of its clients. Rob and his staff have been instrumental in growing our practice from 1 to 2 thriving offices. The gains we have seen in referrals from digital and internet sources over the last several years have outpaced many other areas of marketing and advertising thanks to their diligence, expertise and hard work. I have found working with Rob and RH Medical to be an extremely rewarding experience. Rob is extremely communicative, responsive and proactive. He is always quick to respond to any concerns or suggestions that we might have and always responds to our questions with well researched, knowledgeable answers. He is always making suggestions for new ways to grow our business yet tailors those suggestions to the specifics of our budget. He and his team have shown a keen understanding of the uniqueness of our local competitive market and have been quick to adapt our strategies to maximize the impact of our marketing dollars within that market. Rob and his team work extremely well with other members of our in-house marketing team to ensure that our non-digital marketing efforts are promoted digitally and are part of an overall cohesive message. As RH Medical has acquired more clients and become busier, I have not experienced any drop-off in attention or quality of work from his team. In fact, they are always visibly trying to learn more about their field and use any new experiences or insights gained in other areas to help increase the effectiveness of their work with our practice. In addition to all of this, Rob is an extremely kind and trustworthy person and is a genuine pleasure to work with! In short, I view RH Medical and Rob Huisingh as one of my most trusted advisers and a key component in the success of our practice.

Celina Perlberg - Vein Specialists of Illinois

RH Medical Marketing has been a asset to our medical practice since we started working with them. Rob and his team take a personal, vested interest in the success of our office and tailor our digital marketing needs accordingly. Rob is responsive, professional, and honest. I have worked with various marketing companies and the personal touch and knowledge of our industry that Rob provides is hands down superior. I have known Rob for quite a few years and have watched him grow his business. When we needed to make a change for our digital marketing, I sought Rob out as the best candidate for our needs. I have not been disappointed.

Kari Schoonover - Indiana Vein Specialists

Stephen F. Daugherty, MD, and VeinCare Centers of Tennessee have worked for several years with Rob Huisingh and his team at RH Medical Marketing for our digitalmarketing and public education programs. We highly recommend RH Medical Marketing for practices which specialize in care of venous disorders. Rob and his team designed our website working closely with us to commmunicate our message to our potential patient base. They have managed our internet pay-per-click advertising campaigns and search engine optimization in close consultation with us. They initiate blog articles and ideas for social media exposure which are written with our input and approval. Finally, Rob provides regular analysis of our market competitors. RH Medical Marketing is able to follow national trends closely and can apply what is learned in one market to other markets when appropriate.

RH Medical Marketing is cost-efficient, effective, and ethical in its support of very selected vein practices. We encourage high quality vein practices who want some of the best digital marketing available to contact Rob.

Stephen F. Daugherty, MD - VeinCare Centers of Tennessee

Rob and his team have done an outstanding job of managing my medical practice’s digital marketing needs in a variety of ways for the past 5 years. He built a beautiful, very user-friendly website for us and keeps it up to date. He keeps in contact with me regularly to update me and get my feedback on what I’d like. I love the way he keeps things rolling with everything from social media to SEO to pay per click (and other things I have no desire to understand), so I can focus on providing great patient care.

Dr Suzanne Jones - Michigan Vein Care Specialists

Rob and his team do an excellent job marketing in the digital space across a range of platforms. With his help I am seeing significant increase in my internet traffic and that helps me build my company. His insight into internet marketing and trends helps keep us on the front edge-so important today! They helped me rework my site with significant improvements. All is tracked and evaluated regularly so we can adjust where we need to. Thanks Rob!

Dr. Mark McQuaid - McQuaid Vein Care & Surgery

I had the pleasure of working with Rob on several web development projects… and fully recommend him for his talent as a project manager and his knowledge about digital marketing. Rob naturally has an attention to detail while maintaining a vision of the big picture. He is very encouraging to work with and always delivers on expectations. An experience that stands out was his ability to host a seminar educating business owners about web/mobile development and content marketing– all while keeping it fun and engaging for the audience.

Austin Brown - Chicago Tribune Media Group

Rob’s dedication to providing clients with a high quality website and outstanding customer service is at the core of everything he does. “Hard worker” doesn’t begin to describe the level of commitment Rob displays on a daily basis. He gives his all to every client and is always a pleasure to work with on projects.

Sarah Reid - Chicago Tribune Media Group

Rob’s extreme customer focus combined with the technical knowledge of what’s required to get full featured communication portals out the door make him a force to be reckoned with. Approachable and personable. An all-round team player.

Andy Westmoreland - Elevator Up

Rob is a real top-notch guy, somebody you just love to work with. His energy and smile is contagious, and what is wrong with having fun while you do work? He and the entire team are doing exciting things in an exciting new way. I’ve referred Rob to some of my top clients with absolutely no hesitation, you should do the same.

Paul Hillman - Partner and Owner, C/D/H - Partner and Owner, C/D/H

Rob and his company assisted me in compiling the five very different websites into one clean, informative and easy to navigate website. Rob is very knowledgeable and will find the answer if he doesn’t already know it. His passion is with websites that are clean, informative and easy to navigate as well as maintain. He does a very good job. I’ve found Rob and his company to be very reliable and dependable. Thanks Rob!

Craig Loree - 1st State Bank

Rob provides timely and high-quality programming that serves. I have worked with him on a web redesign project and was very impressed with the quality result.

Wendy Lewis Jackson - The Kresge Foundation

Rob is an amazing project manager — a true people person and someone who dives into the technical, financial, and business details to figure out how best to make things happen. He’s equally adept at running a business and running a project; he understands the business and he understands how to keep up morale and create a great team. On top of that, Rob’s sense of humor makes any difficult situation a whole lot more fun!

Christy Grant - Chicago Tribune Media Group