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Google’s Update: Was Your Vein Specialist Site Affected?

Posted: February 19, 2016   |   Revised: September 11, 2018

On November 19, 2015, Google released a search engine ranking update that caught website owners and some professional SEOs by surprise. A spokesman for the search engine company took to Twitter to discount the update as one of many that Google makes regularly. This might have been another working day at Google; however, judging by the Internet chatter generated by the update, it hardly seemed insignificant to the owners or managers of thousands of websites that were impacted.

What happened on November 19th? By the middle of December, data had shown that the websites which suffered from lost ranks and diminished traffic had duplicate content or quality issues. Thus, the November 19th update has been called a quality update, and it’s not likely to be the last one.

How Are Google Quality Updates Good for a Quality Vein Specialist Website’s SEO?

As some websites lost ranks, an equal number of sites had to move up to replace them.  How does this apply to your vein specialist website? While organic search engine traffic can fuel business growth, rankings are very competitive in some local markets. Also, Google is not the only source of Internet visitors for vein clinic websites.  Curating highest quality content on your website is exceptionally important.  Specifically because of the increased attention and review placed on websites offering Medical Advise and Services.

RH Medical Marketing: Comprehensive Digital Marketing for Vein Specialists

At RH Medical Marketing, LLC, we specialize in digital marketing for phlebologists. We help Vein Specialists with all aspects of Internet marketing:

  • Organic search engine traffic
  • Local doctor searches
  • Mobile phone marketing
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Inbound content marketing
  • Social media and video marketing

These different kinds of digital marketing all work together to build an effective platform to attract new patients. By having several tactics in place to attract new business online, website owners aren’t left vulnerable to the loss of one source of traffic because of a ranking update or any changes to one platform.

Complementary SEO & Digital Marketing Audits for Vein Specialist Websites

At RH Medical Marketing, we are so sure that we can help you profit more from digital marketing that we are extending an offer for a complementary website audit just for phlebologists and related clinics. With this service, we can help you uncover problems with your website content, design, and linking authority that may keep it from ranking as well as your competitors.

Besides just looking at your main website and SEO, our audits also display information about your social media, PPC advertising, video marketing, and inbound content marketing. We’ll tell you what you’re doing right and point out some things that your competitors may be doing better. If you don’t even know where to begin with digital marketing for vein doctors, we’re also here to help you get started.

Request a Free Vein Clinic Internet Marketing Audit Today

To connect with us and take advantage of your free vein clinic website SEO audit, you can use the contact form on this page. Alternatively, you are also welcome to call or email us at your convenience: (312) 632-9253 or The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can get started improving your medical website and digital marketing strategy to generate more traffic, leads, and patients.